Spanish for Social Workers

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center 

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of course, students will be able to speak and understand Spanish effectively enough to:

  • Obtain accurate personal information from client, such as: Name (first and last), phone number, address, alternative contact information, place of employment and social security number.
  • Schedule appointments and meetings.
  • Greet clients either at the office or on the phone.
  • Make referrals to appropriate departments.
  • Share information about agency related services.
  • Evaluate financial situations, including income and expenses.
  • Determine living arrangements, including household constituents, number of minors, and number of elderly.


  • Reduced workload. Move your clients along to the next level in the Social Services process without the delays that come from language barriers.
  • Save time. No need to wait for a translator!
  • Improved efficiency. Your clients and your department will appreciate your time-saving efforts.
  • Increased trust and cooperation. Your clients will feel less intimidated by the process if there is mutual understanding; your ability to communicate will ease their comfort level, especially in emergency situations.
  • Your improved interactions can lead to promotions and increased pay.
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