Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons - Volume 1 on MP3

Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons - Volume 1 on MP3

These Lessons supplement your conversational Spanish language study programs with hundreds of new words in a convenient, portable format. Take it with you; set your own goals; learn to speak Spanish at your own pace. Twenty lessons cover a wide range of useful topics in 80 minutes of audio material. Increase your ability to speak about practical subjects such as travel, business, shopping, and so much more! Listen, practice, and repeat as needed. For motivated adult learners who want to increase their Spanish vocabulary, these lessons are suitable for all skill levels. Reference cards are included for an optional quick check of the words.

  • Available instantly. No waiting, no shipping charges.
  • More convenient than ever, 20 Lessons to use when and where you wish.
  • Compatible with PC/Mac, iPod/iPhone, MP3 players
  • Also included: PDF Guide to vocabulary lesson

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Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons - Volume 1 on MP3

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