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Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Richmond offers affordable and effective language classes. (East Bay)

What are Ongoing Language Learning Groups?

Ongoing Language Learning Groups differ from traditional classes in their duration, requirements, and goals. Classes meet once a week just like regular term classes, but they do not have an assigned end date, and, in fact, they continue meeting year-round.  In a traditional class, the goal is to achieve a specific measurement of information, which then leads to the next level. The ongoing classes strive for the same information, but they move at their own pace, and students progress through the levels as a group. New students can join the class at any time, but they must demonstrate that their language skills are at the same level as the existing group. At the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, Ongoing Groups are available and listed below, but new Ongoing Conversational Groups, from beginner to advanced levels, can be formed at any time.

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