Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 2

Conversational Spanish Volume 2

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Contents of Conversational Spanish - Volume 2 on MP3

  • Topics: Vocabulary: Nature. The World: Names of countries and nationalities. Names of places in the city. Grammar: regular AR, ER & IR verb conjugations and infinitives.
  • Verbs: SER & ESTAR. Present Progressive: HACER. Idiomatic Expressions with Estar and Hacer.
  • IR, QUERER, TENER. Idiomatic Expressions with Ir and Tener. Negative and Interrogative Sentences. Interrogative Words.
  • AR, ER and IR verbs in the Preterite as well as the verbs ESTAR, QUERER, SER, IR and TENER. Complete Sentences in the Positive, Negative and Interrogative Forms in the Preterit.
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Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 2

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