Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 1 Flash Cards

Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards

This set of 50 cards is a convenient practice tool for learning vocabulary and developing spoken language skills. They are great for either self-study or in a group. On one side of the card a noun is illustrated with a clever drawing. Turn the card over to identify the word in both Spanish and English. On each card, three Spanish questions and answers are included to show correct grammatical usage.The question and answer format is especially useful for improving verbal communication.

"I like these flash cards for several reasons: They are easy to use and just the right size to keep handy. They are more convenient than shuffling through a book and turning pages. The illustrations tend to keep the contents in mind and direct ones focus and they serve as an index which is impressionable to the mind. And last but not least, any learning (teaching) aid which is not in book form and is innovative is welcome." - John Patrick, El Sobrante, CA

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Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 1 Flash Cards

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