Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 1
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Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 1

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Contents of Conversational Spanish Volume 1:

  • Alphabet. Numbers from 1 to 1000. Days and months of the year. The seasons of the year and how to tell time. All vocabulary followed by oral practice.
  • The name of 10 basic colors. Nouns: names of fruits, vegetables, beverages and others foods. Definite and indefinite articles. Descriptive adjectives. Pluralization of nouns. All vocabulary is practiced orally and in complete sentences.
  • The Family. Possessive Adjectives. Proper Names. Relationships. Descriptive Adjectives. Subject Pronouns and the verbs SER and TENER all practiced orally.
  • Greeting and Farewell expressions. Domestic vocabulary such as the names of utensils, parts of the house and clothing. Grammar includes AR, ER, and IR verbs in the infinitive and their conjugations in the Present of the indicative. Complete sentences with the Direct Object. 
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Downloadable Conversational Spanish Volume 1

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