Conversational Spanish Lessons for Dietitians on CD

Spanish Phrases and Vocabulary for Dietitians on CD

This program is for those who work with Spanish-speaking clients. The lessons in this program are derived from real-life situations as reported by dietitians and nutritionists in the field. Relevant phrases, questions, and vocabulary describe food preferences, portion sizes, and meal planning. Discuss diabetes, the role of exercise in healthful living, and formulate a plan of action. Obtain vital background information about your patient; learn about family structure and children’s issues.

The material studied is suitable for both in-hospital visits and private office consultations. Handy for quick reference, the book also provides practice exercises to reinforce learning, and the CDs teach correct pronunciation.

As part of our Special Topic Series, Spanish Phrases for Dietitians is produced in an accessible format that is very popular with professionals in specialized fields. Adult students of Spanish will also find this book to be an excellent tool for expanding language proficiency.

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Conversational Spanish Lessons for Dietitians on CD

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