Conversational English for Spanish Speakers on CD

Conversational English for Spanish-Speakers on CD

Si habla Español, aprenda Inglés.

Learn to speak English with this two-CD program that is designed for native Spanish-speakers. Increase your English vocabulary, learn basic English grammar and practical English phrases. Conversational English will enable you to communicate in the workplace, around the neighborhood, or at the grocery store, and it is an important key to success when living in, or visiting, an English-speaking community. Whether you have some basic English language skills or none at all, this course provides the English vocabulary, practical English phrases, and common English expressions that are used frequently.

Learn to ask questions, identify food items, describe colors, use numbers, and more! Basic English grammar and the English vocabulary words that are needed to get started are all here for the motivated Spanish-speaking student.

The CDs teach correct pronunciation, and forty written exercises provide the practice that students need to build their confidence when using Conversational English. Check out the sample lessons below and see how quickly a student can learn to speak English.


  • Learn to speak conversational English at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Easy to follow lessons provide correct English pronunciation and practice exercises.
  • Build your confidence to ask questions in stores or in the workplace.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of understanding directions, menu items, and more, when you learn to speak conversational English.
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Conversational English for Spanish Speakers on CD

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