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Learn Spanish, Portuguese and English with Maria Oliveira Books & CDs

For Portuguese, Spanish, and English language learners, Maria’s unique workbooks and CD programs provide very real and successful results for students who are serious about becoming bilingual. Designed by Maria for adult learners, the Books and CDs provide a succession of skill levels, from beginning to intermediate/advanced. Convenient for independent study, but also used in classroom settings, the lessons deliver the essentials for vocabulary building, grammatical constructions, and consistent practice. The combination of books and CDs is especially important as this provides both written and spoken practice in a proven format; grammar lessons build upon each other, vocabulary is delivered in manageable amounts, and self testing in the form of puzzles and written exercises complete the language learning plan in a pleasant and enjoyable way. Answer sections are included in the books, and the CDs employ native speakers to ensure proper pronunciation practice. Survey our offerings, and fulfill your language learning goals today!

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